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Shiba Alchemist
Rose Potions and Puppies

Shiba Alchemist: Potions and Puppies
Shiba Alchemist: Rose Potions and Puppies
Venture into the dark dungeons, where echoes of the past and future intertwine into one. Only here, in these boundless catacombs, will you be able to uncover secrets worthy only of a true master.
In the course of your study, you will discover the mysteries of the staking protocol, which conceals within itself a unique mechanism of staking - an occult power, yielding attractive profits to the chosen ones.
Ritual of Magic
The Council has made a decision that from every purchased token of $ASHIBA, disciples of Darkness will receive 2% in the form of dark gifts, as an honor to our immortal community. Furthermore, each 1% will serve to fortify our sacred LP reserves, vital to our circle.
Additional support will come in the form of buybacks and rewards for the faithful, about which you will learn more on the Path of Sacrifice, where only the bravest and the wisest may taste the mysteries they conceal.
Shiba Alchemist: Ritual of Magic
Shiba Alchemist: Ancient power
Ancient power
Tread the ancient paths of true Shiba wizards and learn to harness the mystical artifacts that bestow unearthly power upon their owners, amplifying APR to the bounds of the unimaginable - maximized by up to 2920%.
Enter, adept of Shiba, if you dare, into the dark abyss of ancient magic, and taste the knowledge that has been beyond your reach until now.
Path of Sacrifice
Wizards, each of you will walk your own path of staking, crossing the boundaries of the known. Half of the sacrifice will serve as a tool of redemption, boosting the value of $ASHIB, and will also enhance the treasury of rewards for future adepts.
Choose your path with wisdom, noble magicians, for your fate and the fate of those who will follow depend on your will and power.
Shiba Alchemist: Ritual of Magic
Shiba Alchemists: Ignite the inner flame
Ignite the Inner Flame: Your Wizard's Path Begins Here
The Path of Fiery Arcanum is intricate and demanding, but those who traverse it with courage and perseverance will be rewarded. Go now, adepts of the dark arts, and let your wisdom sow the seeds of our immortal teachings in the hearts of those who seek to know them.
$ASHIB CA: 0x8CA357e817a273a1d7cF8A0578eB2FA097838717